Modnekeit – Épisodes de l’arc 1



L’épisode 9 signe la fin du premier arc de Modnekeit. J’ai débuté ce roman en ligne il y a déjà plusieurs mois, pour tester quelques idées comme pour me distraire de mon roman principal. Puisque je prends du plaisir à écrire cette histoire, celle-ci est loin d’être terminée.

Je lui écrirai une fin lorsque je le jugerai opportun.Quoi qu’il en soit, ce premier arc qui se voulait introductif par la mise en place une atmosphère et des pistes égrainées à escient.

Le deuxième arc devrait être plus sombre, plus torturé.

En laissant le suspens prendre, je vais écrire grâce à ce matériau une version plus longue et enrichie du premier arc.

En attendant, encouragez la création originale en partageant cette série.

Épisodes de l’arc 1

Épisode 1 – Singularité

Épisode 2 – Massacre musical

Épisode 3 – L’amour passe son chemin

Épisode 4 – L’échelle de Jacob

Épisode 5 – Madame la Mort

Épisode 6 – Le Chat de Schrödinger

Épisode 7 – Bilboquet

Épisode 8 – Le pont Einstein-Rosen

Épisode 9 – Une voix


Modnekeit #9

Photo par Ryan McGuire

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.srevart ed av tuot, soifraP

À moins que ce ne soit la vie qui vogue en ailleurs

? eenn–ddeehhoorrss ddeess llooiiss(->mmoonndde<-)

Question intéressante, sauf que nous ne reprendrons pas cette conversation Éli.

Ne sois pas déçu, mais il me faut que je te détruire avant que tu ne le fasses. Si je n’interfère pas dans ton errance momentanée, c’est cet avorton que tu crois être ton engeance qui me détruira dans tous les futurs possibles.

Oh ? Pardon ! Il s’agit d’une femelle…

Je suis désolé, mais les subtilités de l’espèce humaine m’ont toujours laissé coi. Elles me paraissent si… futiles.

Mais comme tu y tiens, établissons cette vérité pour laquelle tu prends bien des détours : tu n’es – toi-même – plus humain et rien ne changera cette réalité. Pas même la vengeance contre moi que tu rumines.

Ses mots raisonnèrent dans ma cervelle comme une migraine, tandis que le plafond de la réalité alternée se fissura. Trouvant une étincelle dans ces mondes qui s’entrechoquaient, Modnekeit réinvestit mon ombre. Mais tard, trop tard, puisque ma conscience était déjà suspendue en ailleurs, vers l’horizon où le Batelier l’entraînait.

Modnekeit #4 – Jacob Ladder

Variation on the Cai Guo Qiang‘s project

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The ground was sticking. Considering the noxious smell and the greenish color under our shoes, I assumed that have seaweed in this mixture of sand and mud. But the sea seemed far away: the wind did not rise,  and the iodine was missing

It was the night of the absent probably, because even the moon diseap in that thick fog.My steps was following the heels of my guide, a hand on his shoulder, while he strove to find a path in this daying obscurity with a flashlight.

Time to time, he warned me about a climb or a hole:
“There,” he announced, “be careful”.
And I was… Especially  I havn’t had any backing from Modnekeit. This oddity remained in my shadow, and my shadow in this dark lands vanished.

Because a moonlight sneaked into the opacity, jI heard him grumbling:

 ! שמאָק

(I don’t translated)

! בוּבקעס

(No way)

! שלעמיל


We were at the “half-way” according to my guide – i.e. nowhere – when he turned off the flashlight. It was so dark that I couldn’t see my feet. I was going to yeld on him, but he did not give me a chance: he put my hands on a metal bar, then told me:
– Go up to the ladder, my master wants to see you without the aberration in your shadow.
– Who is « your master »?
– He told me to answer you: “A sad memory.”
– All of my memories are sad.
– I’m sorry for you.
– Don’t be, especially because I prefer to go elsewhere than to climb on your ladder.
– Ok but I’m afraid that you will have to find your way alone if you choice another way.
– I thought you were the “imperfect result of an experiment” and you exist only to guide us!
– Everything you said is true, but with some nuances. First of all, I’m not the experience of your host…
– That’s true, he didn’t say me that…
– Second of all, you should considere relativity.
– Relativity? As Einstein theory?
– Einstein?
– The physicist! Albert Einstein…
– Oh! I don’t know him… According to relativity, it doesn’t matter if we run out the way together…
– I know the theory ! I interrupted him. Einstein, remember? So, let’s meet the guy on the top before the other on the bottom scold me. Anyway, I’ll come back here or … ?
– Sorry, I don’t know.
I hesitated a second, then saying to my interlocutor:
– Ok, I will fall on my feet!

Modnekeit #3 – The almost human

Photo by Ryan McGuire.

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With his dangling arms, his glassy eyes, his nose who’s pointing towards his feet, only a  grimace spared this stranger to being a complete idiot.
I made a mistake asking to Modnekeit:
– Who is this person exactly?
– “A person” is a bit exaggerated! Modnekeit corrected.
– This “entity” then…
– Again, I’m afraid this is not the appropriate word…
– And the appropriate word is ? I sighed.
– I don’t think your vocabulary has the right one.
– That’s pretty insulting to call this … almost human … by “it” or “a thing”! 
Modnekeit hesitated a moment. He had this temptation to triviality, but – suprsingly – he didn’t:
– Ok then … Although “almost human” isn’t good because this a tool, I suppose we can call him as you like.
– A tool for whom?
But Modnekeit hasn’t make a concession, and precised:
– Again, “whom” suggests …
– So “what”? I interrupted Modnekeit, because I was already weary by this semantic debates.
– “What” is still a lil’ …
– So “what”? I raised my voice.
– I said …
– I don’t care! I finished by yelling.
The almost human raised his finger, not really like a teacher’s pet who knows every answer, but rather as a dunce who hopes every look on him by playing the game.
– If you do not mind… 
– Express yourself! Modnekeit allowed him.
– Thank you… You wonder about my nature, but I see that yours is very strange.
I said to myself that this almost human was not so dumb as it seemed at first time. Some alterations of my shadow oscillated to deny my observation. It was Modnekeit who grumbled:
– There is nothing “natural” in every creation.
– Such as nitpicker! The almost human said.
– Thank you! I blurted.
– I don’t care about your opinion! You are only the flawed result of an experiment!
– Your experience? I asked to Modnekeit.
He did not deign to answer me.
– You’re right, I’m an experiment… the almost human replied. But a human being is also a flawed because of an experiment called “reproduction”, whose some of his kind are convinced that love has provocated this phenomenon.
Finally, Modnekeit became trivial :
– You do not exist, moron ! Except to tell me where I suppose to go. So … love or other crap … back off!